Due to publicity, a small problem arose, when our group arrived on the site the night of the projections, all the lights were on. The building and parking lots were well lit, this put a damper on things, but we looked at the situation in a positive light. All this light brought more attention to the space and allowed the students to talk with viewers more about the concept.


Due to the rainy conditions tonight we will be pushing back our projection night until Tuesday, October 4th! We are looking forward to projecting and hope see many people attending!

Abandoned Spaces

Spent some time going over the response cards for our projection audience. Toni and I made awesome stickers that evoke curiosity, reading “For?” in replace of Ford on the company emblem.

The stickers allow the audience to place the stickers on places and things that should go in place of the abandon Ford Dealership. When the stickers are seen by people who don’t know about the projection project, it will spread awareness and serve the purpose to attract attention to abandon spaces. 

Survey handout roughs! Stickers to come!

Test projections went well last night, we were able to figure out the adjustments we will need to make before next week and it was nice to see what other groups were doing as well!

Abandon Spaces III

The Ford Motor Company dealership is the new and final location for the projection project. We toured the exterior of the building today and discovered overgrown weeds leading up to the massive building. The surface area of the building will be a great canvas to start designing on. 

After our group meeting, we have decided to protray the changing logo and taglines that occupied the ever-changing Ford brand. Using interchanging graphics and decade specific photographs, a visually interesting projected timeline will lead the overall concept.

The Ford Motor Company of Big Rapids

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